We Hear You

You might work independently as a residential specialist, but you are never alone with Buckeye Residential Solutions – learn more about the support we give our residential specialists to ensure quality care and professionalism.

An Open Line of Communication

We set our residential specialists up for success from day 1 on the job, but that doesn’t mean we expect them to know ALL of the answers right away. We ensure our residential specialists have an open line of communication with management for any situation where they feel like they need expert guidance or advice specific to a scenario they encounter. This open line of communication also plays in important role in employee training opportunities and our employee development program.

Identifying Training Opportunities

Our employee training goes beyond the basics and on-site, client specific training. We listen to and respond to the needs of our residential specialists by providing continuous training opportunities to help grow their skills and knowledge pertaining to caring for individuals with specific needs.

In addition to MUI, OSHA, HIPAA, CPR, First Aid and Medication Administration training, which all of our new employees undergo, Buckeye Residential Solutions offers training workshops for crisis management, behavior, mental health and other specific areas relevant to our clients. This training helps our employees address the individual needs of each client, including their health care and personal needs. Led by experts in their respective fields, this employee training from Cleveland Clinic psychologists, behavioral therapists, and Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities trainers enables our residential specialists at Buckeye to be confident and versatile caregivers, ready to serve our diverse client base.

Not only does continuous training help our employees better deliver quality care for our clients with disabilities and co-occurring conditions according to specialized care plans, it gives our employees the skills they need to stay competitive in the industry and achieve their professional goals. Another way we help our employees advance in their career is through our Employee Development Program.

Working One-on-One with Employees

The Employee Development Program at Buckeye Residential Solutions enables us to work one-on-one with our employees to help put them on the right track to accomplishing their professional goals. First we sit down with our employees and work to identify their individual professional goals, from advancing in the industry to gaining skills important to them. After these are identified and discussed, we work together to create a list of milestones and training opportunities that they will need to work towards as an employee at Buckeye Residential Solutions to stay on the path to their goals.

It’s a win-win at Buckeye. Since we promote from within, Buckeye employees have expansive opportunities for advancement and our clients benefit from an employee base that is familiar with their needs and have relevant, hands-on experience serving them. Our residential specialists and other employees are eligible to advance in positions which lead to house manager, regional manager and program coordinator positions after 1 year of experience to 5+ years.

You Are Valued

Our residential specialists provide a valuable service that helps our clients stay independent for longer and alleviates some of the stress that primary caregivers have. This support helps to prevent caregiver burnout and protect the relationships between individuals with specific needs and their loved ones, while ensuring clients’ health and personal needs are met.

We understand the importance of caregiver support. At Buckeye Residential Solutions, we work to make sure our employees have a positive, rewarding experience and feel valued for the quality services they help our company to provide. If this career path sounds like a great opportunity for you, apply online today! We are always looking for individuals excited to help make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities.