Advance Your Professional Career by Becoming a Residential Specialist

Become a residential specialist for Buckeye Residential Solutions and open the doors to your professional career. We’re looking for compassionate, entry-level caregivers who are ready to take on new challenges. We’ll partner with you to provide the training and guidance you need to grow your skill set and advance your career in residential services.

Our Goals for Residential Specialists

In order to provide the best level of service for our clients, we know that it’s important for our residential specialists to have a wealth of skills and experience. Buckeye Residential Solutions provides comprehensive training opportunities. This gives them the confidence they need to be quality caregivers for individuals with disabilities and co-occuring conditions – help our clients maintain their independence for longer.

We also know the importance of providing opportunities for our employees to advance within our company. The best people for higher-level positions at Buckeye are the individuals who have first-hand experience meeting the needs of our diverse client base.

Employee Development and Advancement

At Buckeye Residential Solutions we offer an Employee Development Program designed to help our employees meet their professional goals. During one-on-one sessions with our employees, we help our residential specialists understand the milestones and training opportunities that will help them advance in their field.

Our company’s approach to employee advancement is transparent and gives fair opportunities to our hardworking team members who are interested in moving up within the company. After our residential specialists and other employees gain 1 year to 5+ years of experience working for us, they are eligible for advancement. An entry-level position as a residential specialist can lead to roles as a house manager, regional manager and program coordinator.

Training Workshops

Before our residential specialists provide services for a new client, they each receive on-site training that enables them to understand client specific health and safety needs. While this training is essential for making sure our residential specialists are equipped to carry out our clients’ individualized care plans, this is only a small part of the training opportunities we extend to new and established caregivers at Buckeye Residential Solutions.

New employee training includes MUI, OSHA, HIPPA, CPR, First Aid and Medication Administration training. To make sure that our residential specialists and employees are well-equipped for the varied needs of our client base, we also offer continuous training workshops led by experts in their respective fields. The goal of these training workshops is to prepare our caregivers for addressing different behavioral and mental health needs, client challenges and more. This includes workshops in areas like crisis management, behavior, and mental health led by Cleveland Clinic psychologists, behavioral therapists, and Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities trainers.

We Care About You

We cannot expect our residential specialists to deliver the level of service and dedication that we need to help our clients thrive, if the employees themselves aren’t able to thrive, too. We care about our employees and are committed to having their best interests at heart. In addition to employee development and training that expands our emplyee’s professional opportunities, Buckeye Residential Solutions offers flexible scheduling, competitive pay and a comprehensive benefits package because Positions start at $11.25/hr. with growth opportunities up to $14/hr. Positions include vacation & PTO, medical and dental benefits, 401K, and more.

Start Your Career at Buckeye Residential Solutions

Ready to advance your professional career by taking the steps to become a residential specialist? Learn more about a career at Buckeye Residential Solutions and apply online today.