You can make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities and co-occurring conditions by becoming a residential specialist.

Not only is this career rewarding, Buckeye Residential Solutions’ Employee Development Program puts employees on the path to achieve their professional goals. Learn more about our careers at Buckeye Residential Solutions.

Turn Your Compassion into a Career

Looking for more than just a job? Maybe your current job isn’t as rewarding as it once was… or perhaps you’re ready to switch gears and find something more aligned with your skills. If compassion is at the top of your list of personal qualities, it’s time you put it out into the world with a career in disability services!

Choose a career that makes a valuable contribution, allowing you to make an impact while helping others. Whether you’ve always been someone who has taken on a caregiver role or want to serve your community by putting your compassion to work for others, a career as a residential specialist could be well-suited for you! Harness your caregiving skills and help change lives, one at a time.

Help Clients Live Fulfilling Lives

Your contributions to your clients as a residential specialist not only help them lead more independent lives, it also impacts their overall happiness and wellbeing. For individuals with disabilities, it can be challenging to meet daily health needs and get out in the community. Often these individuals have to rely on the support of family and friends, but this can create a burden that could put strains on their personal relationships. They shouldn’t have to choose between their own wellbeing and maintaining relationships with loved ones.

That’s where your skills come in – from assisting with daily health needs and protecting your clients’ safety, to helping them stay socially engaged, build practical skills, and have fun participating in community activities, there are so many ways that your care can help your clients live more fulfilling lives.

Embrace New Challenges

Each day is different from the next when you work in disabilities services. Choose a career that constantly challenges you to learn new things, about your clients and yourself, all while gaining new skills. You’ll learn how to serve your clients to get the best possible outcomes. As a residential specialist, you will help create and carry out personalized care plans, facilitate community outings, help clients develop their skills and abilities and more.

Growing your skillset as a caregiver not only helps you do your job better, it can also lead to your professional growth in the industry. At Buckeye Residential Solutions, we promote from within and work with our team members to uncover and plan for their professional goals. For us, it’s a win-win – our team fulfills their career goals, while our business has the opportunity to grow the experience of our team and contribute to the highest level of quality for our services.

Ready for a Rewarding Career?

Put your compassion to work, help individuals with disabilities get the most out of their lives and grow your skillset – start a rewarding career in disability services!

Apply today to become a residential specialist for Buckeye Residential Solutions.