Day Services

An all-new, inclusive and engaging day program.  Transportation to and from can be arranged, including wheelchairs and other special needs.

Buckeye Day Services adhere to all social distancing and safety protocols.

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Buckeye Day Services in downtown Ravenna gives up to 70 adults with special needs the care, socialization, activities and friendship they need to enjoy life. Caregivers and families are reassured by the positive programs designed just for their loved ones. Day services are available Monday-Friday 8am-2pm.

Staff Credentials

We recognize that every client is unique and will train our staff to accommodate the special needs of each person coming to Buckeye Day Services. In addition, each staff member is:

CPR trained

Medication administration certified

CPI (Crisis Prevention & Intervention) certified

Come and See our Newly Renovated Facility

You are welcome to visit our accessible, completely renovated facility at 126. E. Main Street in downtown Ravenna. From flooring to restrooms, this historic former two-story retail store has been revitalized. It will soon accommodate up to 70 people. Elevator access to two floors with a wide range of rooms for various activities. Take a tour and learn more.



Buckeye Day Services offers a fleet of three shuttle buses for transportation with easy back door access off of the main street.

Exercise Area

Get healthy in our specially designed exercise area. Clients will be supervised when they exercise on a stationary bike, elliptical, treadmill and other activities.

Sensory Room

The lights are low. The room is equipped with softer, tactile sensations as a healthy way for people to experience socializing in a calming, subdued stimulus environment. The Buckeye Day Services Sensory Room is designed especially for the benefit of people with lower functionality and autism.

Common Area

Here is where our guests meet and mingle, socialize and cultivate friendships – for birthdays, holidays and everyday activities!

Multi-Purpose Room

Our facility can also accommodate 80-100 people for special events in the developmental disability community. A one-time wedding venue, this room will be a hub for continued social events once COVID-19 restrictions lift.

Media + Arts & Crafts

Upstairs – where there is a second kitchen area – Buckeye Day Services features designated rooms for arts and crafts, game playing and other fun activities. Our media room with a big screen TV is where videos can be viewed in a theater-like setting with riser seats.

Kitchen & Pantry

All special dietary needs will be met and nutritious meals and snacks prepared in our state of the art kitchen. Also, this area will be used to teach useful kitchen skills that help clients grow their skills and experience accomplishment.

Adult Day Services

Adults of all ages with disabilities will:

Participate in enrichment and integration activities

Learn new skills

Integrate in the community (post-COVID restrictions) with store visits and other opportunities

About Our Clients and their Families

Buckeye Day Services welcomes clients and their families to participate in our program. We emphasise inclusion, personal development and have a strong working relationship with the Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities. We welcome your questions and concerns – and together – we will find the answers and information you need.

We are confident that Buckeye Day Services can provide the solutions that bring healthy, vibrant interaction with your loved one – plus the reassurance you need to be happy with your decision to choose Buckeye.

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