From the individuals who benefit from our services to our compassionate employees that provide quality care, learn more about who we serve and how we serve at Buckeye Residential Solutions.

Who We Serve

Buckeye’s residential specialists provide professional care to individuals with disabilities and co-occurring conditions at home and in the community. If your loved one needs assistance with everyday tasks, has specific health and safety needs, or could benefit from fun, inclusive activities and more during the day, Buckeye Residential Solutions could be a great match!

We serve individuals affected by the following at Buckeye:

  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Psychiatric and Behavioral Disorders
  • Mental Health Disorders

How We Serve

Our residential specialists provide companionship and care that promotes our clients’ well-being and helps give their families and caretakers peace of mind. We offer direct services to individuals in group homes and residential settings that support their individual growth, independence, and safety. Our services help to encourage independence and competency in all settings.

Residential specialists at Buckeye work with clients and other professionals, such as social workers, to coordinate services that address the needs of each individual. From community outings like group exercises, art classes, and other inclusive activities, to visiting friends and family, our services go beyond serving the daily health and safety needs of our clients.

Services provided by Buckeye Residential Solutions include:

  • Monitoring and ensuring client safety, health, and welfare
  • Assisting with daily individual tasks as directed in health care and personal hygiene
  • Preparing meals and shopping
  • Cleaning, doing laundry and other household tasks
  • Providing opportunities for recreation, social and leisure time
  • Transporting clients to doctors’ appointments, community outings, and more

Serving Individuals with Disabilities

Are you currently a residential specialist, or thinking about exploring this career path? Working with adults with disabilities is a career that can be very rewarding and choosing to work for Buckeye Residential Solutions will help you gain the experience and training to feel confident when caring for these individuals.

In addition to on-site job training, we provide extra training and support to help our residential specialists with all aspects of care. Specialized training includes crisis management, behavior and mental health training provided by Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities trainers, Cleveland Clinic psychologists and behavioral therapists.

Our residential specialists gain a specialized skill set and experience you can’t get working elsewhere that prepares them for the challenge of working with people with specific needs. Starting in a direct care position at Buckeye Residential Solutions helps leads our employees into a career pathway that includes lead, house manager and program coordinator positions.

Does this career path sound like a great fit for you? We’re looking for caring and reliable individuals to provide services and support for our clients with disabilities. Learn more about our flexible schedule and how to apply to be the next addition to the Buckeye Residential Solutions team.