At Buckeye Residential Solutions, our mission is to ensure we offer our clients great service provided by well-trained employees. Learn more about how the personal experience of our professionals has helped to shape this mission and our company overall.

Experienced Ownership Team

Buckeye Residential’s CEO, Chad Konkle, has worked in multiple roles in the residential, school and day habilitation settings. Co-owner Matt Ferrell also has a long history in the industry, working in both residential and vocational settings.

From direct care staff to Program Supervisor roles and beyond, our ownership team has hands-on experience with residential services and knows what it takes to provide quality services for the developmentally disabled community.

Comprehensive Service Model

We have learned from our experiences with different residential services companies to build a company that offers a truly comprehensive service model – helping our clients stay independent for longer and giving their loved ones peace of mind. From in-home services to organized community activities, convenient transportation and more, we do more than just meet the needs of our clients, we provide services that help to enrich their lives.

Because we’ve been in the same shoes as our residential specialists, we know the impact that thorough training has on the quality of the personalized services we provide to our clients.

Providing Extensive Training

Even if you are a “natural caregiver” at heart, it takes a specialized skill set for a residential specialist to serve the needs of a diverse client base. To give our employees the training they need to feel confident and prepared on the job, we provide on-site training, area-specific training workshops and continual learning opportunities.

To start, all of our new employees undergo MUI, OSHA, HIPAA, CPR, First Aid and Medication Administration training to make sure they have the basic training to meet the day-to-day health and safety needs of our clients. We then accompany our residential specialists to their new client assignments to provide client-specific training and ensure they feel comfortable once they are working independently.

Since each of our clients has individualized needs, disabilities and co-occurring conditions, we know the importance of helping our employees build a full toolbox of skills that can prepare them for the demands of the job. At Buckeye Residential Solutions, we bring in experts like Cleveland Clinic psychologists, behavioral therapists, and Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities trainers to lead training workshops for crisis management, behavior, mental health and other specific areas relevant to our clients. We regularly respond to the needs and requests of our employees by finding new training opportunities to offer to build upon their skills.

Valuing Our Employees

Showing our employees that we value them not only leads to better job performance, they are happier in their roles, too! Our experience has taught us that providing for the needs of our clients is essential, but so is making sure our employees have what they need to meet their professional goals and take care of their own responsibilities and needs.

At Buckeye Residential Solutions, we offer positions starting at $11.25/hr. with growth opportunities up to $14/hr. Can’t fit a traditional 9 to 5 job into your busy life? Choose a career at Buckeye! We offer flexible scheduling and part-time and full-time hours are available. In addition to competitive pay and flexible scheduling, we also provide a great benefits package which includes vacation, PTO, medical and dental insurance, and 401K.

Start your career with Buckeye Residential Solutions now and receive a $400 sign-on bonus!