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    At Buckeye Residential Solutions, our goal is to help people with disabilities live healthy and active lifestyles. 

    Our founders, Matt and Chad, had a vision; to expand their horizons in developmental disability care and start an agency provider together. They set out to make sure that the company they created would be built on the principles of community integration and excellent staff training.

    The internet or television should never be used as a "babysitter" when caring for individuals with disabilities. At Buckeye Residential Solutions, we pride ourselves on our services to keep our clients active, engaged, and happy. Our service areas include: 

    • Residential Homemaker Personal Care Services 
    • Adult Day Services
    • Non-Medical Transportation Services 

    Through these services, we can assist with:

    • Doctors visits 
    • Providing home-cooked meals 
    • Community engagement
    • Social activities 
    • Hygiene 
    • and more! 

    We know it can be very time-consuming and stressful to care for your loved ones with disabilities while also managing your day-to-day responsibilities. This is why Buckeye Residential Solutions offers services to ensure they receive high-quality care and you have peace of mind! 

    Team Testimonials

    Meet Shelley. She's been with Buckeye Residential Solutions for over six years now. She came looking for something different - a challenge. From the moment she walked through the front door, she was amazed. She could not believe that she got paid to make a real difference in someone else's life.  

    Each day has been a different challenge for her. The friendships she's made within the organization have been amazing.

    Shelley started as part of our direct care staff, but with hard work and diligence, she was able to progress through the company where she now sits as an administrator.  

    Another one of our excellent staff members started out cleaning floors as a student in our old facilities. 

    She now works as a Program Coordinator for Buckeye Residential Solutions. 

    Her experience with Buckeye has been filled with family-oriented environments, growth, and genuine care for clients.  

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    Helping People With Developmental Disabilities Live Engaging, Active Lives

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