Community Inclusion and Vocational Services

Buckeye Residential Solutions provides individuals with developmental disabilities opportunities to connect with their communities. We do this through inclusive activities, group exercises, and vocational skill building.

We Believe Everyone Benefits
When Everyone Is Included

That’s why our skills and activities promote personal accomplishment, vocational growth, and community involvement.

Opportunities Include:

Community-Based Job Coaching

Woodworking Shop

Painting in the Community

Lawn Care and Maintenance

General Home Maintenance

Job Safety Training

T-Shirt Design and Printing

Ice and Snow Removal

Basic Retail Skills

And More!

Buckeye Residential Solutions works with individuals to teach them skills at home and in the community – including active job sites and professions. We greatly value growth as essential – for ourselves, for our clients – and strive to help everyone become the best versions of themselves.

If you’re interested in a seasonal job, contact BRS for more information.

Day Programs & Residential Services

From every day, in-home tasks to fun community activities to job training, we assist individuals with disabilities to grow in all aspects of their lives.

We know that everyone is met with challenges, likes and dislikes, triumphs and struggles. That is why we offer a variety of activities to suit the needs of our clients.

Buckeye Residential is intentional about creating well-planning programs that enrich our clients’ lives.


Special Olympics

Birthday Parties

Community Dances

Outdoor Activities Like Hiking and Fishing


Professional Athletic Events

Plays & Movies

Tie-Dye Shirts

Arts and Crafts


And More!

Transportation Services

Buckeye Residential Solutions provides transportation for the majority of the Portage County area.

Call the Buckeye Residential Solutions office for more information or contact us.

Interested in a Career with Buckeye Residential Solutions?